Friday, December 31, 2004


perhaps it doesn't make sense for a christian to make resolutions (i remember a sermon of my father's that mocked the idea) but so what? here are mine:

  • cultivate more introspection. i wasn't very good this past year at self-reflection - it was all yelling, screeding, jeremiad-ing.
  • be more humble. it's so hard when you think everyone around you is woefully wrong and ignorant.
  • be more honest.
  • be less selfish. grumble, grumble.
  • be a better steward of money. grumble grumble.
  • go to church more, especially now that you're going to be a deacon. sigh.
  • don't just pray when you're in trouble. sigh. sigh.
  • cut down the profanity to a more managable level. shit.
  • practice forgiveness. george w bush, i forgive you for being a tool.

i think that's an ok list, right? i have a resolution left over from last year - be kinder to people - and don't know if i actually achieved that, sad to say. so it's back on the list. there could be others (don't think about sex so much, be less snarky, be more respectful of authority) but then i think that would just reduce me to a lump of vanilla ice cream.

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