Wednesday, November 17, 2004

article update

so the article i've been working on for the past week and a half has changed in direction. at first it was about how progressives need to get with the god program and start talking jesus. then i started to refine that position.

the issue isn't that progressives aren't churchy enough - it's that we honestly don't know how to maneuver in this new 'faith and values battleground.' it's my opinion that faith is a linguistic cover for class, urbanization, gender and race. in other words, the anxiety (or certitude) people are showing over the values/faith debate is actually the byproduct of good old-fashioned isms. so i've also expanded my focus to talk aboutpeople of color and women, as well (write what you know, after all). to find the way out, we progressives are going to have to remember what it's like to be activists again.

i want to have this done done done by the weekend.

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