Friday, August 20, 2004 News %7C Church says girl%27s communion not valid

since i'm a protestant, i really don't have strong opinions on what catholics do with their wafers, but this seems a bit much.

what's the logic here? faith is a matter of glutin? no wonder people find religion to be ridiculous.


john patrick said...

Coleman, here's my take on the communion thing.

In the 1600s Matteo Ricci, and italian jesuit, went to live in China, he learned Chinese perfectly, they say, and was a great diplomat and missionary. He petitioned the Vatican to let them use rice as communion, since the bread imagery fell flat on its face there. The Vatican denyed the request in a fit of ethnocentrism.

So I think they're excommunicating this girl on the to keep consistent with a centrury's old ruling.

We should protest at the girls' house with a sign "Jesus hates rice!"

Actually the first thing you have to think about is money: who benefits? The answer: big Bakers. The communion wafer industry has deep pockets. I'm kidding.

Sometimes my church is Mother Teresa and the huddled masses yearning to be free; sometimes its crusty old white men. --jpv

ding said...

yay! a comment! so pleased.

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