Tuesday, July 20, 2004

it's basic, people

t r u t h o u t - Clerics Resist Bush Strategy to Seek Aid of Churchgoers

when i talk to people about why i don't agree with allowing prayer in public schools or why including religious language into a federal document skeeves me out, my answer is always the same: the separation of church and state, people.

this separation is not just to protect a state from undue influence from one particular religious movement (though you really wouldn't be able to tell that with this administration) it's mainly in existence to protect the church from the rather fickle and punitive arm of the state.

if a church participates in partisan electioneering, it's in violation of their tax-exempt status. (and no, inviting someone to speak doesn't count as electioneering; actively giving fiscal or organizational support to a candidate does.)

totalitarian countries endorse state sanctioned religion. do we really want to fall in the same group?

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